#5. How to Break the Habit of Procrastination?


Caught up in the cycle of Procrastination and cannot get out of the tangle? Then this workshop is for you. So do not PROCRASTINATE – sign-up today!


Workshop Description: 

This workshop is designed to help you to understand the cycle of procrastination that we all can easily slip into and allow this to become a habit. It provides an awakening for you to make clear choices as we support your path to creating new habits for responsible timely action. However engraved is this habit within your life, this workshop would be valuable for your success.


  1. Understanding the Cycle of Procrastination
  2. Understanding the Psychology and Affective Science of Habits
  3. Applying Reflective Thinking
  4. Fundamentals of Self-control & Self-Love

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Apply reflective thinking to assess your behaviours
  • Identify your thought patterns with emotional & mental underpinnings
  • Identify patterns and habits of procrastination
  • Love yourself

This live 3-hour workshop is delivered online in real-time. The trained Facilitator will support you to learn, critically examine yourself and create a personal plan for success as you define it to be.




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