#6. Time Management Skills


Time is the only resource with real scarcity. You cannot buy more time and you cannot get someone else time. You cannot save up time into another day and you cannot get back time that has been gone. With these realities, all successful individuals learn to master their time and to use it intentionally.


Workshop Description: 

Time Management Skills is designed to provide you with practical skills to better manage your personal and professional life. You will actively create a realistic Personal Time Management Schedule based on your needs and understand the relationship between time usage and achieving goals. Daily application of the skills learnt in this workshop will contribute to the improvement of your overall wellness and feelings of control.


  1. Understanding the Value of Time
  2. Connecting Time with Emotions
  3. Linking Time with Goals
  4. Time Planning & Time Budgeting Skills

Learning Outcomes:

After completing this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Apply critical thinking to time matters
  • Identify time-snatchers & time-wasting habits
  • Create a Personal Time Management Schedule based on your goals
  • Learn time management skills

This live 3-hour workshop is delivered online in real-time. The trained Facilitator will support you to learn, critically examine yourself and create a personal plan for success as you define it to be.




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