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Do you want to have your product or service gain customers locally, regionally and globally? 

This is an opportunity for you to advertise with one of our global lifestyle magazines and to share your product / service with the world.

 "Jamii Magazine" is a global lifestyle magazine focused on bring the stories and voices of African people globally, to be shared throughout the world. As we achieve this goal, it also provides a tremendous opportunity for us to share the products and services which will benefit African people globally.

While this specific magazine is an Afro-centric and enjoyable publication, people of African descent are people. They use all products and services like all other ethnic groupings.

So if you are a manufacture or distributor of vehicles, clothing, perfumes, real estate, food products, hair and skin products, household items, or any other item - you are welcome to advertise with us and gain new customers.

If you are a supplier of services for vacation, business support, family or individual support, you are welcome to advertise with us.

Our quality control in advertising is to ensure that our readers can benefit from the use of the products and/or services you offer.  

We will provide you with an audience wich is local to your country, regional to your continent and global. We have advertising sizes and packages catered for all budgets, so go ahead and order an advertisement space. 

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We are ready and willing to assist you achieve your marketing goals.

 Our publications are not time-specific as traditional seasonal magazines, this means that when you advertise with us, your ad will work for you for an indefinite period of time.

Our publications are created every 2 months. We will work to incorporate your artwork into our magazine layout as soon as your order is received. Please note that the correct information for advertising pages are to be provided by your company.

Our magazines are translated in several different languages - including English, Spanish, French, Swahili and Portuguese. We can work with you to have your advertisement translated for all our publishing languages.